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Roak Knoll Shelties

Gizmo Scooter Dean 


My Heart and Soul Dog

I lost Gizmo to Kidney failure and a disease called PLN.  He was the first sheltie I ever owned and I miss him dearly.



Gizmo and I had a special caper.

Every morning, when he visited, we'd go for the paper

I'd say "Gizmo, com'on let's go"

And he'd go to the door and bark to let me know

He was ready to get on with the show.


We'd walk down the driveway

And I'd say "Gizmo!



There he'd wait 'till I came back across the street

Then he'd be up on his feet.

"Good dog" I'd say

And we'd be back

on our way.

To Gizmo I was known as "The Man."

And, among the Grand dogs, he was my biggest fan.

He had so much energy

 And ability

Even when his health was failing

 He loved agility.

Just two weeks before he died

He ran the course with Kirstie at his side.


Alas, his race is now complete.

Many memories remain of how he loved to compete;

How well he would the commands obey,

How much he really loved to play.

And when I go to get my paper

I will always remember Gizmo

 And our caper.

Philip Jurus, "The Man"
In memory of GIZMO
July 26, 2007

This is the story that my father (Phil Jurus) wrote for me after Gizmo's accident that broke his tail.I wanted to share it with you all, he wrote it on 07-18-95.

The Tail Wags the Dog

One Day, DOG* was looking over the animal ancestors in Haven and, much to his surprise, found that the only one he didn't have was a Sheltie. He was quite upset, since this was on of his favorites. He knew that the only way he could get one was to go to the earth and find one and bring it back. He really didn't want to do that because he knew how much the people loved their pets and he didn't want to take anybody's pet.
As he was trying to figure out what to do he got a message that gave him the answer. It seems that this Sheltie named Gizmo, being a herding dog, was just doing what he did and accidentally got under the foot of a runner. His tail was badly injured and had to be removed. Well DOG immediately dispatched his greyhound messenger to get that tail and bring it back to Haven. As soon as it was brought to him he took it, as only DOG could do, and from it was able to create, just from that tail, a beautiful Sheltie for the Havenly dogdom. The tail was very happy too because it had been selected for this honor by DOG. So the tail began wagging again and that made all the animals in Haven happy. And DOG, knowing that Gizmo's owner was upset, told Gizmo toat everytime he was happy, even though he didn' t have a tail on earth to wag, his tail in Haven would be wagging for him and all of the animals in DOG's dogdom would be happy. So it came to be that the Tail Wagged the Dog and forever after, whenever any dog wagged its tail, it would be because of Gizmo and DOG's happiness that he could have such a fine example and didn't have to take anybody's pet to do it.

(*DOG spelled backwards is "god")

Gizmo with Toy


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